White patches, red patches, ulcers or lumps in the mouth, persisting for more than 3 weeks, need to be checked by your doctor as they can be a sinister condition. Mouth cancer is usually painless in the initial stages. Dr Girish will carry out a biopsy (a small piece of tissue from the lesion is sent to the pathologist) and if it turns out to be malignant, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy may be indicated. Be reassured many biopsies confirm 'no-cancer' is present.

What is oral cancer?

A non-healing mouth ulcer which is there for more than three weeks, small lump or bump in the mouth or neck which has been persistant for a couple of weeks should immediately been seen by a specialist to rule out mouth cancer.

Oral cancer in it's early stages is totally painless and may not cause any symptoms. People who smoke, consume excess alcohol and chew arecca nut, pan masala or tobacco (gutaka) are at higher risk of cancer of the oral tissues and throat.

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What should I do if I think I have oral cancer?

Majority of the mouth ulcers are stress related, apthous ulcers or traumatic ulcers. Generally these ulcers heal in about 2 to 3 weeks.
If the ulcer persists beyond three weeks, it is mandatory that you see a dentist or a doctor who would refer to a oral cancer specialist for further evaluation.

A simple biopsy (a small tissue piece) taken for testing can confirm if the ulcer or swelling is cancerous or not.

If the lesion is cancerous then a surgical excision followed by reconstruction of the facial parts is usually carried out. Many a times radiation may also be given following the surgery to prevent recurrence of the tumour.

Is oral cancer preventable?

Most of the oral cancer is caused due to smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol or chewing of arecca nut, pan masala, tobacco (gutka). Complete cessation of the habit can help the unhealthy mucosa return to normal and reduced cancer risks. People who smoke or chew tobacco should go for screening of oral cancer every three months. Cancer if detected early can be completely cured, neglected cancers can become advanced with very poor prognosis of survival.

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